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Pool Design And Installation

Top Considerations for Pool and Spa Design and Installation

When you decide you want a pool or spa in your yard, you have taken the first step. Many more will need to be completed before you can jump into the water.

One of the first things to consider is whether you want an above-ground pool or an in-ground one. Above-ground pools and spas are less expensive to install since there is no need for excavation and the walls of these pools don't have to resist pressures from the ground. However, they are not nearly as nice-looking as in-ground pools.

Then, you'll need to decide what the pool will look like. With above-ground ones, you typically have just one choice: round. However, the possibilities for in-ground pool shapes are nearly endless. Many people get the input of a designer for in-ground pool and spa design and installation to ensure that they end up with results that look intriguing, yet are still good for their planned use.

Finally, it'll be time for the laborious part of pool and spa design and installation. The most obvious part of the job is digging the hole for an in ground pool. However, more work may need to be done to shore up the remaining ground or control hydrostatic pressure. Next, the right concrete mix is poured and allowed to cure. Finally, the pool or spa is filled with water, treated with chemicals, and allowed to rest until the chemical levels even out. Then you can finally jump in!

When planning a pool or spa, you should also think about adding structured buildings. These are good for storing pool chemicals, providing outdoor dressing areas, and even serving as shower rooms. Add them to your original plan, and you'll have all of the buildings you need right from the start.

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